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Крижановский А.А., Крижановская Н.Б., Новак И.П.
Представление диалектов в Открытом корпусе вепсского и карельского языков (ВепКар)
// Труды международной конференции «Корпусная лингвистика ‒ 2019». СПб, 2019. C. 288-295
A.A. Krizhanovsky, N.B. Krizhanovsky, I.P. Novak. Dialects in Open corpus of Veps and Karelian languages (VepKar) // Proceedings of the international conference "Corpus linguistics ‒ 2019". Saint Petersburg, 2019. Pp. 288-295
Keywords: Karelian language, corpus, dictionary
The article describes the work with dialects of the Karelian language in the Open Corpus of Veps and Karelian languages. The issues related to the variety of Karelian dialects are discussed. Several ways of the dictionary extending with word forms and the connection of phonetic variants of lemmas are shown.

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